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Team Players

There is no I in team.  Without a team of professionals working in harmony, we would not be able to achieve the high standards of customer service that you deserve.Take some time to check out the staff so next time you stop by, you know who's who.


He is the brains behind the operation always planning ahead and preparing for the unexpected. His motto is 'there are no problems, only solutions'. With years of experience he has seen it all. He has wealth of local and regional knowledge so if you have a question he will definitly have an answer. It might not be the right one but an answer none the less.

Dr. Dave

Some say he never blinks, and that he roams around the woods at night hunting the dahut... Some say he thought Star Wars was a documentry... Some say he files his toe nails with the belt sander in the workshop.... All we know is if you want the best tune in the valley he is the man!


Years ago, there might have been a petition going around to stop this ski bum from opening a pro shop. Years later, little Craig grew up, gained some knowledge, stopped partying and made his dream come true. He’s at the head of the operation, cordinating his team and pouring beers. No one knows where he’s from,but that may well be why he’s now where he is!


Our rock, every team needs some one they can count on and for us this is Matt. Not just a pretty face but also a litarary scholar so watch your grammer.  From structuring sentences to structuring skis in the work shop, he is your guy.


Finally a bit of gentleness in this shop of brutes, she is the sexy and feminine side of the team. But make no mistake, in spite of her cute plaits, big green eyes and great t...... temperament, she is the strong link in the sales force, a real machine programmed for advice and sales of all the products in the shop. More than just a saleswoman, she'll be able to advise and direct you to the products you really need, so don't hesitate to describe what you're looking for and she'll be sure to find the perfect item for your needs.


The Swedes have finally invaded Concept, resistance is futile. An experienced bootfitter, Niclas is here to take care of all your footware needs.


Jérémie is the quiet member of the workshop team, but don't be fooled. He knows his stuff and you'll also find him in our new bootfitting area.


One of the new kids on the block. When he's not kitesurfing in the sunshine, he's bringing a bit of sunshine to the shop. Ladies, be warned. Vince is Concept Pro Shop's Mr. Charming.